Lorivan is manufacturer of standard and made-to-mesure filtertanks for the treatment of water and air.

Our tanks are commonly used in:

  • Active carbon filtration, Sandfiltration, multi-media-filters.
  • industrial softening systems.
  • dé-ironing and manganese removal
  • Ionexchange, and decarbonization
  • soil and groundwater remediation and waste-watertreatment
  • boiler-water and heating systems

Our range :

  • Galvanized filtertank from ø380 mm to ø1800 mm, with star-distribution
  • Plastized filtertank (Steelpex) from ø500 mm to ø1500 mm, with star-distribution
  • Epoxy-coated tanks from de ø900 mm to ø3500 mm

    • with stardistribution
    • with nozzle-plate

  • Ion-echange filters with internal rubberlining from ø900 mm to ø3000 mm
  • Stainless steel filtertanks SS304(L) – SS 316 L  from ø500 mm to ø2400 mm 
  • Aeration-tanks in different materials