Air pressure tanks

Lorivan offers a wide range of high quality compressed air receivers from 50 litres to 10.000 litres, with 10 to 16 bars. An air pressure tank fullfill important functions in your air-system. Not only as buffertank and air storage, but air receivers plays a key role to provide capacity during peaks and are often used to separate condensate in the airsystem. 

All compressed-air receivers of Lorivan, comply with the European legislation PED-2014-68-CE. Upon the dimensions of our pressure vessels, they are either galvanized, external painted or powder coated.

Special versions such as on skid mounted for f.ex. the rental of compressed air or f.ex. internally coated with 2-component Epoxy coating, depending on the medium and design conditions, is not a strange world for Lorivan.

Make sure you protect your compressed air tank with an appropriate safety-device. Please contact Lorivan for the CE-approved safety-valves


Airpressure-tanks (PDF)